"The Sun and the Moon in Astrology..."

Most of us know our Sun signs, and many can relate to their meaning.  However, the Moon sign adds another dimension to the personality.  Astrology can tell us a lot about a personality, compatibility, and future prospects. Discover the meaning of your combined Sun and Moon signs.

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Sun in Aries, Moon inAries

Aries is fiery, initiating, fearless, self-centered, and spontaneous. However, your Moon sign modifies some of these characteristics.

Your Moon sign is also in Aries. You're a double Aries! You probably relate to the meaning of Aries more than most people because of this.





Sun in Aries, Moon in Aries

You are strong, fiery, fiercely independent, and impassioned. Not much can get you down. If anything does manage to floor you, you pick yourself up very swiftly. Although your temper is quick, you are just as fast to forgive and forget. When do you want it? Now! Or, better yet, yesterday...read more below.







  • You have a Fire sign Sun giving you spontaneity and passion, at least for the moment.
  • Your Moon sign is also Fire double Fire (!) re-emphasizes your fiery, make-it-happen attitude.


You'll need a strong partner in love who can handle your passionate attitude towards life. Your partner needs to keep things fresh and exciting, and should be quite stable and down-to-earth in order to ground you.